More on Bangkok flooding from CNN

More on Bangkok flooding from CNN

"It's not "100% beef", but I think they mean "100% beef, 0% cat"

— Anjuli, deciphering the contents of the khaki-colored burger we ordered (the patty had bread and onions in it)
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Bangkok flooding from The Big Picture

Bangkok flooding from The Big Picture

Will there be a curve?

We're expecting the SSI test tomorrow to be pretty easy. An example question of what we're envisioning follows…

How much faster does water absorb heat than air?

A. The speed of light
B. Pink panda bears
C. 25x
D. Blueberry pancakes
E. All of the above

Sound good to you?

"I keep getting ants on my face"

— Anjuli, at a restaurant on Koh Tao
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Are you for SCUBA?

So far so good with our SSI instruction at Big Blue. Our instructor, Charles, is from Quebec and looks to be mid 20s. He's very friendly, clear, and knows the coursework well. He's certified around 300 people over the last 2 years he's been working at BB.

As for SSI, it's the newer, more flexible (teaching-wise) instruction from some of the guys at PADI (the most popular diving certification). It was suggested to us that SSI was a little less hardcore on the product purchasing and overall sales guide. But fuck, the majority of the SSI book we've seen so far (lent by the school; for PADI you buy for 800 baht) has read like a sales catalog that we will later be graded on.

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"If this is the $14 room, what do you think the free room looks like?"

— Anjuli discussing the quality of bedding provided in tonight’s accommodations and looking forward to tomorrow’s
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How does this sound to you? Bare Necessities in Thai.

ArticleAngry Birds invade Bangkok

These Angry Birds are everywhere - their scowling faces are on every type of product Bangkok has on offer. You name it, we found it. We've seen the plush "push me" versions back home, but nothing beats the variety here. Don't care much for stuffed animals? Do slippers, clocks, key fobs, shirts, pens, or aprons strike your fancy? How about a mini catapult? We braved more scowls from shop patrons to bring you a glimpse of the madness. The breadth of products and shops that sold them speaks volumes about the global domination of the Angry Birds brand. Only Paul Frank and Hello Kitty were better represented, and they have legacy.

As I type this, Matt is wreaking havoc on ice blocks and pig pens to my right. We're a long way from home and yet it feels like we haven't really traveled at ... View Article »

GalleryHong Kong Part 2 - A little blue and green

Penfold Park

When we weren't eating or wandering the streets of Hong Kong to check out tech gear in Mongkok, we visited a few of the city's quieter spaces, some of them green and some of them filled with real mom and pop shops. Hong Kong has a street dedicated to just about anything. While these spaces may not be well-dispersed in this bustling city of skyscrapers, many of them seem well-loved by locals. Take a look. View Gallery »