Flights are booked!

After 3 months of consolidating, eBaying, throwing away and packing, we finally felt ready to book our flights for Peru. We're moving out of the country on March 26, 2011. We're starting to post here again so stay tuned. We'll try to back-fill some posts about some of the things we've been up to since we got back to CT.

Where the wild things are

Today we saw a Kestrel in our yard. They're the smallest of the hawks and have beautiful feathers, big claws and menacing red eyes. It was camping out on a trellis about 10 feet from the window. It was about half the size you'd expect a typical hawk to be. We watched it with binoculars for 5 minutes as it sat there fluffing itself and looking around. While we were watching it in wonder it took to the air and swooped down toward a cardinal that likes to camp out in French Lilac bush by the outdoor oven. The cardinal, which was about half the size of the kestrel, gave chase and they circled around the yard in a rush. The cardinal escaped by burying itself deep in the bush so the kestrel couldn't reach it. After another 5 minutes the cardinal tried to escape again, but the hawk had been ... View Post »

"It's not empty calories… It's extra special calories!"

— Anjuli (re: beer)
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"When we look through Netflix it's like all the good movies are sucked out of the world, and I can't even remember what they are."

— Anjuli
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Pillow talk

Her: how did you awake?

Him: I is made of power

Her: I is made of zzzzzz

Almost in Memphis to visit Matt's best friend William. We changed direction instead of going through New Orleans, so we get more time with him. We'll be heading to Wild Bill's this evening for some raucous fun and real Memphis blues on their miniscule dance floor. 

Just got pulled over and our car was partially searched for drugs - sniff test and all. The dog barked and indicated we had some. Apparently this one has never been wrong. Turns out, we think, the tulsi we'd been carrying around in planter boxes confused the pooch.

Guess it's not a real road trip until you get pulled over by the Sheriff of a K-9 unit in La Paz county in AZ. Of course we could have turned down the dog search but we, stupidly, thought it would take less time if we cooperated. Alls well. We chatted about Tulsi, health food and the state of meds these days. The sheriff even looked the herb up on his phone and read aloud its medicinal uses. Then his group - three cops and one dog - discussed our situation. They decided we didn't look like total burnout hippies, made ... View Post »

"Rain makes corn / Corn makes whiskey / Whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky"

— Overheard on the radio near Fresno
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Walking into a Trader Joes for milk, yogurt and bread is an overwhelming experience after living without options for quite some time. There really is no such thing as milk and bread, is there?

Filling a hole is much easier than digging one.