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GalleryHong Kong streets

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GalleryHong Kong and Kunming on Film

A good ride in Hong Kong

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GalleryHong Kong Part 2 - A little blue and green

Penfold Park

When we weren't eating or wandering the streets of Hong Kong to check out tech gear in Mongkok, we visited a few of the city's quieter spaces, some of them green and some of them filled with real mom and pop shops. Hong Kong has a street dedicated to just about anything. While these spaces may not be well-dispersed in this bustling city of skyscrapers, many of them seem well-loved by locals. Take a look. View Gallery »

GalleryHong Kong Part 1

Our first week in the East was a blur of friends, food and foreign sounds and smells. We came to Hong Kong, in Matt's words, for 21 meals. And we were amongst friends for every one of them. Thanks again Keiyu, Joyce, Henry and Michelle.

It was a whirlwind of new tastes for me. There was succulent Beijing roast duck, (cha siu bao) sweet pork buns, and spicy chicken feet. There was also bits of pork wrapped in feathery light rice dumpling wrappers still stewing in a light broth. We tried hot pot filled with thin, marbled slices of beef, tender fish balls scraped fresh from a paddle, and fried fish skins that tasted like papadum. We had our fair share of sweet local crabs and an oversized crayfish covered in sauteed garlic (whose name in Cantonese means pissing cockroach). View Gallery »