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GalleryHimachal Pradesh - a mountainous journey commences

Our view of the Kinnaur Kailash range

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EssayHimachal Pradesh - a mountainous journey commences

Mountains are elusive features of nature - breathtakingly beautiful yet unknowable, massive and brutal. So it'll come as no surprise that describing a drive on a tiny strip of road meandering and switchbacking through parts of the largest mountain range in the world - the Himalaya Range - is hard to put into words. From every vantage these megaliths change their appearance; with every passing ... View Essay »

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Rhesus Monkey: 1, Anjuli: 0

Today a determined rhesus monkey swiped the pack of crackers Anjuli was holding right out of her hand. I guess "compete with monkeys for food, and lose" can be crossed off the bucket list.

Gallery"The Beatles Ashram"

Inside a meditation hut

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Essay"The Beatles Ashram"

This afternoon we took a trip across the Ganges to visit the remains of Maharishi's ashram in Rishikesh. The locals call it the "The Beatles Ashram" of course, and most stare blankly at mention of Maharishi. On our walk there, we happened upon a friendly enough sadhu who showed us the entrance and took us on a colorful - and it seemed knowledgeable - tour of the place. 

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EssayDelhi and Rishikesh in Pictures

Part 1: Finding a yoga class in Rishikesh. Head down one of these.

We're still reeling from our three day tour of Delhi and the last few days in Rishikesh. While we take a little time out to plant our feet firmly on the ground, here's a visual look at our tour...

Isn't Traveling Lonely?

A few months back by brother asked me - "Isn't traveling lonely?" I responded about missing family and friends and finding it hard to make new ones. But weeks later, I was still thinking about it. The traveler goes out into the world to see how others live. Do they always end up lonely and missing home? Yes, yes of course travel can be lonely. Traveling can be hopelessly lonely, especially if you stay within your shell. 

While not common, we've had our share of lonely times, which have assumed many names and faces over time. At times, we've felt the surge of culture shock - and utter frustration - when we've tried and failed to communicate and have become fed up. When we start to learn about a culture, we are familiar with the feeling of isolation by the parts we can't accept. We've ... View Post »

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Perception is a crafty thing

In the first week here, while walking around in the streets, we felt our eyes tearing and burning, our nostrils itching, and our skin cooking in the sun. The smell of garbage would blow by our faces, all hot and sticky sweet. We observed on every corner rotting piles of food, fetid water, garbage, or swarms of flies like a thick blanket covering some discarded meal. Matt somehow stumbled into some poop on a walk one day, and for a few days you could see him glancing down when he placed his foot. We'll admit, in the first week, things had a raw feeling to them.

In reality, none of these things was so prevalent. But perception is a crafty thing. It amplifies new things and ignores the old. Patterns develop quickly, regardless of how much we consider change to be slow. 

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