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Anjuli in a salwar

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So y'all know I meditate, right? Twice a day. It's a practice called Transcendental Meditation (TM) that my dad and mom have been practicing since '71 and '72 respectively. It's a simple, mantra-based technique, but it differs from quite a few out there in that it's not concentration-based. That means, you don't sit around and stare at the wall, trying to bore a hole through it. And that's not to ... View Essay »

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EssayEn route to Nagpur

While cabs come in all shapes in sizes in India, privately rented vehicles seem to come in two varieties: those where the driver uses A/C and those where he does not. Our trip last Friday from Nagpur to visit the Brahmasthan (meaning center, near Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh) was of the latter type. We like the freedom of open windows. In the Indian countryside, though, there are a few setbacks to fresh-aired freedom. In addition to the burning sensation that travels from your nose to eyes to throat coming from the pervasive diesel exhaust, the dust is incredible. Our driver had smartly decorated his seats with cream-colored faux leather covers, successfully hiding the permanently caked layers of fine dust while also preventing us from ever being able to use our seat belts!

It's remarkable just how much dust can exist while still providing sufficient moisture for life to survive. Here in Madhya Pradesh, it only rains a few months out of the year. Trees look scrappy and thirsty, their leaves shiny and hard like stiff paper. View Essay »