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GalleryBig Sur

For the longest time, I thought of Big Sur as a state a mind, a breathtaking, transformative place where you wind up—maybe half-naked and giggling—when you're exploring the edges of consciousness. I was sure it was a brazen, in-between state made expressly for Americans. It didn't occur to me that a phyiscal place had existed before things like Esalen, that usually nature comes first. View Gallery »

Brightness and acidity

I wanted to let you in on a little change around here. I don't mean to imply that this is the only thing that's happened in the last several months in my life; but of course you're welcome to assume as much. I will say that the experience I'm about to relay is categorically different than what's happened over the last thirteen months: today, and yesterday, and the day before, I ate grapefruit. Since early January 2014, we've been unable to eat anything remotely sour. No vinegar, alcohol, yoghurt, wine, beer, lemons, limes, oranges, pineapple, grapefruit, tomato, olives, cheese, pickles, sauerkraut, kefir, you get the idea. Oddly enough, it's not the acidity that we couldn't tolerate, but the high levels of histamine and/or live bacteria in these foods.

Imagine fish without lemon; ... View Post »

GalleryFarewell, summer

Yesterday we interrupted our regularly scheduled programming to spend the last day of summer with Mama Bear. We headed to two of our favorite places on Cape Cod: the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and Marconi Beach. In addition to these excursions in the great outdoors, there were equal doses of steamers with drawn butter and antiques. View Gallery »

Shrimp and scallop stew with turmeric sticky rice

Right now meals are a trial. Regardless of the weather around us, we eat soups and stews and broth. Our freezer is chock full of yoghurt containers filled with different stocks labeled with the date and their contents. Three meals a day we assemble our soup, seasoned simply with salt, pepper, ginger, turmeric, cumin and/or herbs; we ladle our soup around a little iceberg of sticky rice and top it with a few chunks of some cousin of a squash.

Yet it's a diet of sorts, an invalid one, but still a diet. It's nutritive and filling and always warm. I know the ins and outs, and the repetition and possible variation. My tummy knows what to expect and plans accordingly. On most days, I enjoy. When you're sick, you don't think about food the same way; you don't read up on magazines or look ... View Post »

GalleryThe Secret Garden

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Have you heard of Santa Claus?

Patti, my grandmother, is now living with my parents. Her sight and hearing are going, but otherwise she's sharp and in really good health. She makes us smile every day.

In the past, she wasn't much exposed to all this Christmas stuff. There's been a flurry of wrapping recently. The other day she came up to me and said, "I want to see one present. I want to know what you are packaging, what you are giving." To which my mother replied, "You'll have to wait for Christmas!" She was surprised we were unwrapping them here, so I realized she thought the presents were all meant to be given away. There's also been a bustle in the kitchen, which has been confusing as well. It's really fun to try to see this lavish holiday through her eyes. This morning we tried to explain the whole Santa ... View Post »

GalleryA few things we could get used to

Golden light and the feeling of basking in it

The shuffling sound through leaves and the stomping nosies boots make on pavement

A belly full of warm food

Long, long, long shadows

The feeling of bare feet on carpet

Things that look pretty when dried

Fresh bread and the people who bake it

All those things that go translucent when the sun shines through them

The cold air; cold enough to have weight and body but not enough to make you numb

A walk in the woods View Gallery »

This was a marvellous evening. I gave my parents actual hugs. We had good conversation in English. We ate multiple vegetable items that were delicious, homemade, and uncooked. We drank an American beer. We rode as passengers in a car on a road where there were white and yellow lines and people used them! I didn't consider death once. In this ingenious vehicle, I was even able to take a nap while we were still in motion.

This evening we took a shower with water that no one would dispute as being hot; there was even steam. As I was brushing up, I remembered just in time that I could put my toothbrush under the tap to rinse it.

It's good to be home. We'll be in the US until the beginning of January. We'd love it if you'd say hello. 

GalleryMystery ride

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GalleryGoing back to green

Our asparagus yield for the year

We are back in this incredible world of green, enjoying the month of May in Connecticut. So hello, US of A. The natural world is just exploding here, and it's almost like I've never noticed it before. I don't think that can be possible, but I also don't think we could have found a more complete polar opposite to the India we left (for the moment). We are here for about a month, just long enough to take a first icy dip in the pool and watch the buds blossom and give way to produce. View Gallery »