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Have you heard of Santa Claus?

Patti, my grandmother, is now living with my parents. Her sight and hearing are going, but otherwise she's sharp and in really good health. She makes us smile every day.

In the past, she wasn't much exposed to all this Christmas stuff. There's been a flurry of wrapping recently. The other day she came up to me and said, "I want to see one present. I want to know what you are packaging, what you are giving." To which my mother replied, "You'll have to wait for Christmas!" She was surprised we were unwrapping them here, so I realized she thought the presents were all meant to be given away. There's also been a bustle in the kitchen, which has been confusing as well. It's really fun to try to see this lavish holiday through her eyes. This morning we tried to explain the whole Santa ... View Post »

GalleryA few things we could get used to

Golden light and the feeling of basking in it

The shuffling sound through leaves and the stomping nosies boots make on pavement

A belly full of warm food

Long, long, long shadows

The feeling of bare feet on carpet

Things that look pretty when dried

Fresh bread and the people who bake it

All those things that go translucent when the sun shines through them

The cold air; cold enough to have weight and body but not enough to make you numb

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This was a marvellous evening. I gave my parents actual hugs. We had good conversation in English. We ate multiple vegetable items that were delicious, homemade, and uncooked. We drank an American beer. We rode as passengers in a car on a road where there were white and yellow lines and people used them! I didn't consider death once. In this ingenious vehicle, I was even able to take a nap while we were still in motion.

This evening we took a shower with water that no one would dispute as being hot; there was even steam. As I was brushing up, I remembered just in time that I could put my toothbrush under the tap to rinse it.

It's good to be home. We'll be in the US until the beginning of January. We'd love it if you'd say hello. 

GalleryGoing back to green

Our asparagus yield for the year

We are back in this incredible world of green, enjoying the month of May in Connecticut. So hello, US of A. The natural world is just exploding here, and it's almost like I've never noticed it before. I don't think that can be possible, but I also don't think we could have found a more complete polar opposite to the India we left (for the moment). We are here for about a month, just long enough to take a first icy dip in the pool and watch the buds blossom and give way to produce. View Gallery »

GalleryMerry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, or whatever strikes your fancy. Also, welcome Harvey, our newest - muppet - family member. He’s a PI from Fort Lauderdale, Fl. He adores cabaret and shrimp cocktail. He’s watching you.  View Gallery »

StoryDosa by touch

My parents' kitchen is like a mechanic's shop for all things seed and grain. In addition to all the blending, beating and creaming we all do in our kitchen, she now grinds her own grains with a dry stone mill and as of today can make her own dosas in a wet grinder that my aunt Mona got for her. Mona, Atimbear (my uncle) and Patti are here in the states until the end of October, visiting the family. 

Dosa is a southern Indian grain pancake made of mostly rice with some dal mixed in. It's fermented in the fridge in water and then ground until completely fine and swirled like a crepe on a hot griddle. And like anything fermented, it gets better with a little age. It's divine with all sorts of chutneys and fillings and things. If you've ever been to a fancy Indian restaurant you may have ... View Story »

An unexpected ending...

Mouse: 2; Humans: 1. Chester didn't make it back to Connecticut because he was too interested in jumping out of the little plastic mouse house we made for him - twice. And we caught him - once. We managed to keep him in a little house with some grass, bark and a jelly jar cap filled with water for two days. We couldn't figure out what he'd want to eat so we gave seeds, nuts, cheese, and crackers all a try; he's a pretty picky eater for a mouse. But damn can he run. The second time he ran all the way across the kitchen and finally got under the radiator. So we figure good for Chester, bad for his family back at home in Connecticut. We hope he finds some food, and not under a mouse trap. And we wish he would have considered, for a second, that we were not trying to fatten him up to kill him ... View Post »

To go, to stay, to plan, to play

We're almost ready to go. And by ready, I mean we acknowledge the inevitability of that 6:15am flight - it hasn't been cancelled yet - and we are moving towards it. We're whittling down our checklist, task by task; labeling and stowing boxes under beds and in closets, fruit rollup-ing all our shirts and pants and laboring over the use of each book. My thoughts are at war: the sea of tasks still left and the sadness of leaving home are wrestling with the adventure to come. 

All the copying and faxing and scanning and storing, moving intangible bits of data from this pink plastic box to that blue one seems never-ending. And yet it's a cathartic process. If we could just be in Peru - BANG! - we would probably pass out from the disorientation. Some of life's big changes need little steps ... View Post »

Fuel tanks and bag weights

Our flight was cancelled due to an fuel tank explosion at the Miami Airport, but we'll be heading out tomorrow morning instead. Which just gives us the opportunity to pack and unpack our bags three or four times to try and extract every last ounce of unnecessary weight. Cotton dress, you're just too fat; Game Boy, your mindless amusement will have to be missed; soap and toothpaste and shampoo, why do I still think you only exist in the US?; A Peru Reader, will I read you? Once we're all suited up, we'll board a plane at 6am, touch down in sunny Miami and then head off to Lima. Wish us luck!