A tourist's legend to understanding times & prices in Manaus


  • All businesses, museums, etc are closed after 2pm
  • Cabs are insanely expensive


  • Some businesses are open
  • Museums and tourist attractions are closed except for one or two; the most touristy section of town, around Teatro Amazonas, is a ghost town  
  • Mercado Municipal is open but only the fish market
  • Cabs are now offensively expensive and this is explained by adding a number "2" next to the cost [Result? We learn to take the bus.]


  • Everything except all-you-can-eat places and a few malls are closed; maybe there is one museum open that wasn't open yesterday and won't be open tomorrow


  • All business are open except the Mercado Municipal, which is closed and boarded up
  • Cabs have gone back to normal only insanely expensive but buses are now more expensive today
  • And… there is no dancing or going out today because, you guessed it, it's Monday! 

Ok, nevermind, maybe this is totally useless for tourists.

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