An unexpected ending...

Mouse: 2; Humans: 1. Chester didn't make it back to Connecticut because he was too interested in jumping out of the little plastic mouse house we made for him - twice. And we caught him - once. We managed to keep him in a little house with some grass, bark and a jelly jar cap filled with water for two days. We couldn't figure out what he'd want to eat so we gave seeds, nuts, cheese, and crackers all a try; he's a pretty picky eater for a mouse. But damn can he run. The second time he ran all the way across the kitchen and finally got under the radiator. So we figure good for Chester, bad for his family back at home in Connecticut. We hope he finds some food, and not under a mouse trap. And we wish he would have considered, for a second, that we were not trying to fatten him up to kill him but only to bring him home. Sleep soundly, little mouse.

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