Angry Birds invade Bangkok

These Angry Birds are everywhere - their scowling faces are on every type of product Bangkok has on offer. You name it, we found it. We've seen the plush "push me" versions back home, but nothing beats the variety here. Don't care much for stuffed animals? Do slippers, clocks, key fobs, shirts, pens, or aprons strike your fancy? How about a mini catapult? We braved more scowls from shop patrons to bring you a glimpse of the madness. The breadth of products and shops that sold them speaks volumes about the global domination of the Angry Birds brand. Only Paul Frank and Hello Kitty were better represented, and they have legacy.

As I type this, Matt is wreaking havoc on ice blocks and pig pens to my right. We're a long way from home and yet it feels like we haven't really traveled at all.

These two Traveling Monkeys have been in the markets of Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and most recently Hong Kong. Markets are a glimpse into the social unconscious of a culture. So far in Thailand's non-food markets we've been impressed by the overwhelming volume and variety of fashion and branded products. Maybe these Angry Birds will find their way to a shop near you, maybe not, depending on your country's copyright laws. In the meantime, you can drool...

Place: Bangkok Tags: culture, products, markets

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