Day 2: rainy day

Waking up in the middle of the night to rain dripping on your "roof" 5 feet above you and being dry and warm in a sleeping bag is awesome. Of course you woke up because you have to pee and that sucks but oh well. It's been raining for about 13 hours here which is excellent for the plants and the ground and the critters. Generally in Northern Cali the rains don't start until November. It's a pleasant surprise to have one good rain in Sept/Oct so that everything isn't so very dry and combustible. Our tent has tiny leaks because we haven't put up all the supporting poles that will keep the canvas taught, but so far it hasn't leaked on our heads. 

I woke up to oatmeal and eventually a good hour of yoga and some stretching. It's quite impressive how much heat the body can generate in such a small space. Even though there's no fire in our tent, we were able to generate enough heat through ujaii breath to keep our bodies limber for a full hour. 

We're  ready to kick the rain and go build some shit. A toilet and grey water are next on our list after finishing the tent. Then a proper woodsy kitchen equipped with a fire ring, load of grains, wash and rinse basins, and a prepping area. And maybe we'll wash our stinky feet. Who knows with the rain though, we may just sit around and listen to it fall and eat kichidi. We're trying to make peace with the elements and give each task the time it takes. Will nature humble these fast-paced New Yorkers? 

Outside it smells like wet dirt and sounds like soft droplets hitting leaves and cascading down to the earth. The animals are quiet, and besides the occasional fire of a hunter's gun it's a peaceful, Bambi sort of day (maybe not for Bambi). Happy Sunday.  

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