Hello from Thailand. Well aren't we just the picture of happy traveling. Seems we were very lucky with our travels in South America and not so lucky in Southeast Asia. Since we've been in Koh Tao we've visited this tiny little clinic about six times (both as patients). [I am currently writing to you while while being hooked up to a breathing machine.]

In addition to my sprained ankle, eardrum bruising, eardrum rupture, and sinusitis, Matt now has Dengue fever. Yes, Dengue fever. Wow. We'll be leaving the island by boat tomorrow to a larger island with a hospital and airport. From there, we'll wait out phase two and three of the fever. Wish Matt luck and a speedy recovery. 

Oh, and BTW, Happy 4th Anniversary to us. 

Place: Koh Tao Tags: Dengue, us, fail, sickness, hospitals

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