At a hotel in Mengnuozhen, a small town between Yongde and Dehong. Highlights:

  • Baseball- sized melted crater in the top of the TV that is about an inch deep
  • Computer, whose box comes seated in a nice piece of styrofoam, probably straight from the box it came in. The LCD still has some plastic from when it was purchased, although its yellowing and peeling off.
  • The touch light panel that's impossible to use considering the lights go off when you leave the room. Oh, and let's not forget the exposed wiring sticking out the underside of the bedside table
  • The key system for the door, where the handle just spins and the key has to be inserted into a slot in the knob.
  • The bathroom smells of fetid onions. We've noticed this is a cultivated scent in motels.
  • When I was trying to wash my face, the hose connecting the bottom of the sink to the floor drain "ejected," spraying water all over my feet while and subsequently causing me to burn my eyes with cleanser.
  • The complimentary tea leaves, which in all seriousness are an awesome feature in China, in this motel come in a used plastic vessel which originally housed "natural" wallpaper adhesive cement. Unless of course we're confused, and tea leaves can be used as a natural adhesive.

UPDATE: Following morning, a few more highlights!

  • We can now officially call this place a roach motel, considering the 2" bugger we found in the bathroom
  • We realized we're actually sleeping on what feels like a box spring, not a mattress. I swear it's harder than wood.
Tags: hotels, roadtrip


  • poor guys!!!!! Sounds like HELL Motel. How much was this one a night??
  • This one was $11!

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