I dao know

We were walking through the local market, surveying all the curing pork, vegetables and fruit yesterday when we came across a woman selling the freshest greens we'd seen. She had huge Chinese scallions, all manner of bitter green, lettuces, gourds, cucumbers, etc. She approached us and made a sweeping gesture of her goods to indicate we should buy. We responded that we couldn't cook. She chuckled, shaking her head, and then said something. Matt responded that he didn't understand, so she repeated what she'd said, making another gesture at the vegetables. The only word we caught was dào. We smiled and said goodbye. She laughed and hung her head. As we were walking out of the market, we looked up dào. Pleco told us, depending on the character, it could mean:

到 - Arrive, reach, go to; leave for

道 - Road; path; way (as in Taoism) 

倒 - Upside down

稻 - Rice; paddy

盗 - Steal; rob

悼 - Mourn; grieve

Oh, the trials of Mandarin.

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  • Long Time Follower- (well a year anyway) and just can not get enough! Learned how to cook ghee through Anjuli's site- and as one click let to another- started following your travels- before you created your wonderful 'brown-bag' site- thank-you both for introducing the sights, sounds, (terror and all) of the world to me- stay safe and keep those great photos and insightfully funny thoughts coming our way- Kelli

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