It's remarkable how much food teaches you about your own awareness. We had to run errands this morning because we ran out of gas for our little stove. We've been using it until we get up our cooking-only fire and want to make sure we still have it as backup. So we got in the car and rode 7 miles up the cost to Gualala (about 15 miles total). It's a podunk town but does have a decent true value and a grocery store. So we spent some time gawking in the hardware store, looking at all the gizmos and nuts and bolts that we wanted to etch in our minds in case we needed any of them in a pinch. Of course we don't want to use them, but just in case. Well, Matt etched and I sat around and moaned "are we done yet???" We got a bigger tarp and a tea pot among other things, so alls well that ends well.

Then we hit a grocery store for a few more provisions (i.e. more of what are the only packaged foods in our larder that don't grow on the end of a plant). Matt snuck in a pint of Haagen-Dazs FIVE, the vanilla flavor, and only showed it to me when we were sitting in the car after gobbling some PBJs - hey, this outdoor stuff is hard work!

Now, I am an ice cream snob if ever there was one. And Haagen-Dazs is at the bottom of the heap of edible ice creams, mostly because it's not organic and most of their ice cream has corn syrup and not much flavor. But it does have a surprisingly good texture, I will admit. Even though I scoff at it every time it's my only option in the ice cream aisle. (Why don't I make my own again? Oh yea, I don't have room to carry around a ginormous ice cream maker. But I digress.)

So we dug in with our plastic spoons and let me tell you, it was THE ice cream of ice creams. In only four days it looks like our sensors have been turned way up. It was every superlative of ice cream - the creamiest, most vanilla-y, silky, milky, cold and yet not cold - the very best of ice cream, mouthful after mouthful. It had perfect overflow, the yolks added just enough weight to make each mouthful creamy but not heavy. The vanilla was like someone had stuffed a pod in my mouth. And still we're just talking about Haagen-Dazs. Thanks senses, where have you been?

In all seriousness, I find this about food all the time. Take something away and add it back in and you'll be impressed by how your senses don't just pick up where they left off with memory - they re-engage. They rediscover. They redefine. Makes you feel like a kid. Which really only means back when you were actually observing the world. I WANT SOME MORE.

P.S. It also tastes awesome with some ginger snaps mixed in.

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