It may get cold soon. It may start raining soon. You really can never tell, according to our hosts. See, there's no weather radar nearby, so we have to go based on towns and cities that are 35-45 miles away and either coastal or farther inland.

We have a tiny keychain thermometer that we hang outside our tent and do a read every morning. Sometimes it's 45 and sometimes 60. But mostly we can tell if it'll be a hot day by how many times we get bitten by mosquitos during yoga - the more bites we have the hotter it will be.

Right now we're preparing for whatever is ahead. We're processing a lot of wood. Even upgraded our mini axe for a chainsaw and earmuffs for the day. There are wood piles all over the campsite. So whatever happens - rain, sun or frigid days - while we might not be mentally prepared for it, but there will be wood.

Place: Annapolis Tags: work, camping, weather

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