It may just look like yellow specks to you, but what you're seeing is a lantern set aloft (like a little hot air balloon). This photo is shot from my reclined pillow position at our diving school after we finished our homework. Britney is playing. Yes, it's true. Some other highlights included Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Lady Gaga, Tom Jones, Cyndi Lauper, Eminem and some terrible thumping bass things I didn't recognize. At the base of the photo are all the lighted fishing boats on the horizon, presumably catching tomorrow's dinner.

Concerns at this stage: pass out on my pillow and get eaten alive by mosquitos under candle light or go to bed and listen to Britney from the privacy of my bungalow. Ahhhh, island life in the tourist zone.

P.S. Our first sighting of these floating lanterns was in the Hangover II, which just goes to show you that you can learn about other cultures from dumbass comedy movies. 

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