It's a cement jungle out there

We'd like to think it feels like Rudyard Kipling's jungle here. Really, it's more of a cement jungle and blazing hot. The sun radiates from above and below and it's commonly 95F-100F and 90% humidity. Still, many, bravely rock their skin-tight jeans all day.

We spent a few hours in a mall yesterday. I'll say it again: a mall. We hadn't realized our inner nostalgia for western consumerism was so strong until we found ourselves there like giddy high schoolers. Granted, by the third department store - where we realized the only way to tell that we weren't still in the states was by the bubble butt jean mannequins - we had basically had enough.

My mom is coming today. We'll be heading on a jungle boat tomorrow for four days to gawk at animals and indigenous alike. We're also going to see the confluence of the Río Negro and Amazonas - where the fudge-colored Negro swirls with the café au lait Amazonas to form more of a fudge ripple. [It amuses me that the three types of rivers - blackwater, whitewater and clearwater - are all described as an individual coffee drink. It becomes confusing when, depending on the preference of the person you're speaking to, the colors vary wildly.]

To sate our appetites for lush jungle and furry critters, we were listening to I Wanna Be Like You from Disney's The Jungle Book. We stumbled upon this international list of dubs. Totally awesome. First listen to the original. Then try your hand with these: German, Dutch, Polish, Icelandic, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, Hindi, Hebrew, Chinese, French. We recommend viewing them individually. If you're strapped for time, tho, here's a sample of them all in one track, made by someone obviously fascinated by this same phenomenon. Enjoy!

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