In idle moments, como cuando estamos caminando, we practice our pronunciation. The tongue-twisting words we've become enamored of are those we happen upon while walking, like piedras, o federales or those we simply want to say but when we do it just sounds like marbles rolling around: probablemente.

I find it amusing that in my head there is a perfect Spanish speaker - in Matt's I think it's un hombrecito Mejicano - but when I say certain words it feels like I'm speaking through a whoopee cushion.

The other day we were heading towards the ocean and came across piedras, meaning rocks. So we spent the next 10 blocks trying to pronounce piedras. Matt mused upon what a native was experiencing as we passed: two gringos in strange shoes (our 5 Fingers) walking down the street yelling rawwwwk-ss… ro-oox… rrrok-ks, raaaaaax, rook-ss. 

Once we've completed a single word, we add another until we've happened upon a particularly pleasing statement, such as: Eres los piedras federales probablemente.  We're almost golden with that one. 

Place: Lima Tags: language, Spanish

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