Roasted chicken did me in last night! We had a day of studying Spanish and Matt finishing up on work. We also spent about an hour trying to find a place that sells whiskey because Matt keeps getting a pretty debilitating toothache which is only abated by swishing with some hard liquor.

Last night we decided to go to a place called Norky's - say it with me in your best Spanish, Noorrkees, what a name - that's famous for their pollo al la brasa. After reading the 10 page menu, we landed upon the pollo and ordered from the pushy Peruano. What arrived I wasn't prepared for - a succulent leg and breast that had been brined and stuffed with herbs and onions and some kind of acid - and then turned for a long time on a rotisserie. What I had ordered was, well, crack. We ate every last morsel, walked home and passed out.  

Today we're hitting the downtown and a few markets. Stay tuned.

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