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"Recuperation means doing things that make me happy."

— Matt, in response to me telling him not to do something.
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Yes that is Anjuli. Yes she did that to herself.

GalleryDengue in full color

Our ride in the suped-up van acting as an ambulance.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us with stats, a good word, or well wishes. Matt's fever is finished, which should mean that his platelet count will begin to rise. He just took his first actual, real stretch - hands up high - without having an IV stuck into his hand. So he looks a bit less geriatric now. He'll be doing another blood test tomorrow morning, and if his platelet count is rising, he'll be discharged. So he's almost out-of-the-woods and on the mend. (And by out-of-the-woods we mean into two to four weeks of recovery.) View Gallery »

"Twitching, sweating, aching and feeling generally assed-out with an exploding fever for 6 days definitely makes me feel studly and indestructible."

— Matt, in response to my query, “Do you feel studly?” now that his fever days are finally behind him.
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Optimus Monk!


We're in the Bangkok Hospital on Koh Samui. Matt spent much of the day on IV and I spent most of it wrestling our emergency insurance into some useful working order so we can actually afford this private hospital and it's US prices. We did one of the two tests to confirm it is a Dengue virus (yep!) and will have another back in three days that tells us which of the serotypes (there are four) are involved in the disease. I'll give you the lowdown on all this feverishness soon, but rest assured so far Matt's vitals are still solid. I'll leave you with this photo. This is how hospitals, however good their care, make you feel.


Hello from Thailand. Well aren't we just the picture of happy traveling. Seems we were very lucky with our travels in South America and not so lucky in Southeast Asia. Since we've been in Koh Tao we've visited this tiny little clinic about six times (both as patients). [I am currently writing to you while while being hooked up to a breathing machine.]

In addition to my sprained ankle, eardrum bruising, eardrum rupture, and sinusitis, Matt now has Dengue fever. Yes, Dengue fever. Wow. We'll be leaving the island by boat tomorrow to a larger island with a hospital and airport. From there, we'll wait out phase two and three of the fever. Wish Matt luck and a speedy recovery. 

Oh, and BTW, Happy 4th Anniversary to us. 

StoryDo you want a sandwich?

Sometimes when you're traveling with another person - your boyfriend, your partner - something happens to one of you and the other one doesn't have obvious recourse.

It could be something silly like one of you is sad, not having fun, feeling sick, or stubbed a toe. Maybe you're coming down with a cold. You may not even know what's wrong. But things are happening and your partner, finding themselves the momentary problem solver in your dynamic duo of two, wants to help, to keep the momentum going. They know you're plucky, but they just want you to smile.

Usually I am the one with an affliction and Matt plays problem solver, but either way we'll get into a process something like this.

Me: Something's wrong.

Him: OK, what's wrong?

Me: Not sure… I don't know. [Insert ... View Story »

"Am I still raw?"

— Matt, asking if he still qualifies as raw food even though his body is cooking at 101F.
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