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I don't think I've ever eaten Cheerios with a beer before.
— Matt, eating Cheerios with a beer
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I had a dream we got hacked because I clicked on a link to buy peanut butter.
— Matt, just waking up
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Forays in Mandarin

At Dune Cafe in Kúnmīng yesterday, Matt ordered, "young soybeans" for 15rmb. The waitress brought a frozen chunk of edamame with a tiny side of soy sauce. Matt ate a couple and noted at least the beans weren't frozen. We wondered briefly about how the soy sauce was intended to be used. Then Matt brought them back.

Matt: "Wèishénme zhège yŏu bīng?" Why does this have ice?
Waitress: "....bīngde" ....frozen
Matt: "Bīngde" frozen
Matt: "Zhège kĕyĭ yŏu...kĕyĭ méi yŏu bīng ma?" Can this have...can not have ice?

The waitress smiled sheepishly, took the plate and brought it to the kitchen. Matt ordered two more beers and came back. In one minute the plate was returned with 8% less ice.

Waitress: "Hăo ba" Good?
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I can't tell you how awesome that was. 

Homemade butter!

Beef stew

Pre-monsoon roadside PB&J between Thiruvarur and Rameshwaram. The rains are coming...

Coconut water by the road. They sell lots of things by the road for relaxing in the shade - coconut water, hammocks, bivisac-like mosquito netting, rocking chairs, grass mats.

In the countryside we've been surprised by the honesty of people. On busier roads though, people seem to throw out prices and then give us sideways glances to see if we'll notice how high they are. This opportunistic coconut man charged us 150 rupees for three coconuts, a price that would be steep even in Mumbai! We gave him our frowny faces and handed him 90 and he didn't object. Of course in this heat with all our gear on, $1/coconut is probably a fair asking price!

Much needed rava dosa at Kandaas in Karaikal, around the corner from the Kumaran Residency hotel. Very friendly crew, clean food and excellent filtered coffee and saffron milk.

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Filtered coffee and delicious vanilla ice cream. Right Path Café FTW again!