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Looks like Blogspot is blocked but not Tumblr. Whoopeee.

Yesterday we had a brief trip into China's capital, Beijing. It was mostly composed of a quaint, restaurant-filled street strung with red lanterns which hung low in the mist (smog or fog?). Everything was warm and red and inviting, even at 10:30pm at night. We walked the street past the well-distributed stinking public bathrooms, intermittent throat hacking and wafts of chili oil that burned your throat. But inside every window we saw steaming pots and plates filled high with meats and chili in Szechuan-style. We window-shopped until we saw something delicious and then mimed and asked in our few words of Mandarin for the menu. The reply was always kind, if a bit amused. After browsing a few places, we noticed that the menus all ... View Post »


Dosa for all. And man was it good.

StoryDosa by touch

My parents' kitchen is like a mechanic's shop for all things seed and grain. In addition to all the blending, beating and creaming we all do in our kitchen, she now grinds her own grains with a dry stone mill and as of today can make her own dosas in a wet grinder that my aunt Mona got for her. Mona, Atimbear (my uncle) and Patti are here in the states until the end of October, visiting the family. 

Dosa is a southern Indian grain pancake made of mostly rice with some dal mixed in. It's fermented in the fridge in water and then ground until completely fine and swirled like a crepe on a hot griddle. And like anything fermented, it gets better with a little age. It's divine with all sorts of chutneys and fillings and things. If you've ever been to a fancy Indian restaurant you may have ... View Story »


My mom is trying to stay off dairy, red meat and chicken these days. So today we made an awesome shrimp, cod and turkey sausage stew. It was gumbo-like; all tomatoes and spice and everything good, including some chunks of okra. I'm happy to be home in this beautiful wonderland of fresh vegetables. It's my kind of gingerbread house.

GuideRemind me what this costs in the US

We thought this was like if we had a cereal in the states: Aspertame! But apparently it means sweet. Hell, Google translate thinks it means Cornflakes. So who knows?! Also, since when did Tony the Tiger's fists emanate white fire?

We're starting to learn about values and prices in Brazil. We've been told to expect to pay up to a 100% markup just from import taxes alone. So, at minimum, we wager that things should be at least 200% of what we would expect them to be, including what US brands would cost in New York City. But even some Brazilian products, including some beers, are more expensive than the imports.

For one, Brazil is on a mission to downgrade import taxes on beers so that all those World Cup goers can get their home beer for less than the local one. Of course they could just make Brahma real cheap and everyone would drink it, but why do that? Either way, those discounts have not reached this local store we visited in Botafogo. Remind me, how much does this stuff cost in the US?

"That would be awesome if there were a roast chicken air freshener"

— Anjuli
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Yesterday we went and found a cinema screening the final Harry Potter - granted it was a totally bootleg copy of the 3D reel that was dubbed, also rather poorly, into Spanish and without the glasses (at first we just thought everything was blurry). When everything sounds it's done by the same bored Spanish voice actor, it takes the wind out of your sails a bit, but we were still happy for the experience!

Before we headed for the theater, we stopped to get a cup of coffee at the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe. They have excellent coffee, clean food and a friendly staff. We asked for a coffee to go and they graciously obliged. When we got our little plastic bag to go with the Chinese soup takeout containers each filled with a pitcher of coffee, we shouldn't have been surprised. Peruvians have ... View Post »


The coffee in this hotel is such awful dishwater we resorted to mixing it with instant coffee. It's kind of like that thing in Italy they do when they make an espresso and then add the espresso back into the machine in place of water to make a 2x strong espresso. Yea, kind of like that except more bootleg.

Or, as Matt says instead of awesomely strong Italian espresso you wind up with doubly awful Nescafe.

P.S. They're playing Bryan Adams' "Please Forgive Me." We believe it to be a failing attempt to appeal to the oil tycoons still present in Coca although, the irony is probably lost on everyone. The place is dressed up to look like the jungle, equipped with twisted vines and fake foliage. On the walls are photos of the Huaorani tribe, the infamous local tribe around here, in all ... View Post »


Matt wanted to capture the moment when I actually bought a bag of Ruffles because they trump most of the food we've been having. So here it is, proof.

BTW, according to this photo my hands are definitely not swollen because they look like roots of a tree.


Breakfast as the bus stops in Mancora. My feet are so swollen they look like I have lost all the bones. We're being subjected to excessively loud old B&W Mexican movies but the speakers are so bad we can't make out the Spanish. Ah, such is life on a bus. Welcome aboard, Mancorians… er… Australians who came to Peru for the surf??? Pasen, pasen.