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"I'd do a job where I got paid in avocados"

— Anjuli
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This is what the breakfast table looks like when you live out of a hotel room and everything edible you own is stored in a plastic bag.

EssayOn the up and UP

Our tiny two burner propane stove where we make our meals.

Things were ebbing when we arrived in Cusco and are now flowing again as we near the end of our first week. It took a little while to find a good pad. On our first night there was a crazy amount of noise reverberating off the walls in our street-side room. On our second, the uncanny smell of sulfur which the lazy owner - who had yet to change out of her pajamas - claimed to be sewage from the street. Since we had no internet and have never known sewage to smell like a steamy hot spring, we strapped on our gear at 9:30pm, paid for a half day and left. We were tired of smelling shit - our bathroom for the last month had bad plumbing that smelled like dirty Chinese food and we had to shower in a toilet stall used by 40 women during the day.

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  • Matt asking a question to someone at SAE: Know anywhere to get clean eggs?
  • Typical American Cusco tourist interjects: Hey man, what's wrong with the eggs here?
  • Matt: The chickens here are pumped with hormones to grow faster.
  • Guy: Is that bad?
  • Matt: Well, that means you're ingesting the hormones.
  • Guy: Oh, right, right, I thought you were talking about salmonella.
  • Matt: Well, that would be a risk if you're eating uncooked or improperly cooked eggs, like in mayonnaise.
  • Guy: Oh, right, that's a good point. Yea, I'm not too worried about hormones. I think I'm old enough that stuff like that can't hurt me anymore.


Almuerzo mientras los dueños están afuera: zucchini patties with breadcrumbs, green rice, garlic, parsley, cilantro, oregano, rosemary and coriander seed. Trying to get in our herbs while we can! These were awesome if a bit fally-aparty.


Homemade peanut butter in action. When there's no peanut butter around you have to go ahead and make it yourself. (Ok, I realize this looks really gross but it's totally awesome. Promise.) 


Huevo en un hueco

"I just had a peanut butter and honey sandwich without the bread."

— Matt, after stuffing handfuls of peanuts and a few spoonfuls of honey into his face
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Today we're starting to wrap up - taking as many photos as we can and translating into Spanish and giving out copies of recipes, etc. [BTW, writing in Spanish makes you forget your English. It just took me 5 tries to get "recipes" right - recepies, recipies, recipies, recipies, recipes. WOW.]

It's a slightly alarming process to open the floodgates on nutrition advice in a place like this. There's no barrier between questions like "How do I get more iron into my son's diet?", "My chicken died last night - I think because it choked on some corn. It's still a little warm. Can I eat it?", "What should I do if I have a parasite that I can see in my stool?" and "What should I do if my son's belly is distended?". We have tried to be very clear about not giving medical advice, especially for ... View Post »

Charla 3: Agricultura

Yesterday we had our third and final charla. Most of the women here have a garden or a small farm (chakra) and most use pretty basic, conventional ag methods to grow corn and fava and soy. Some raise chickens, some use guano from their cuy or cows, etc, but mostly it's tractors and bulls simultaneously ripping through and compacting the soil, commercial pesticides, fertilizers, dug irrigation, and monocultures.

So we focused on sustainable agriculture and again used Jeavons' GROW BIOINTENSIVE. Matt double dug a few rows, I drew a couple illustrations to show how to make compost, how to plant intensively (close together and hexagonally instead of in rows), and how roots really want to travel down more than 6" intro the ground. During the charla Matt demonstrated double digging and ... View Post »