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GallerySouth India Road Trip - Thanjavur to Thiruvarur

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EssaySouth India Road Trip - The Indian Way

Lorry drivers

All signs in the small city of Thanjavur lead to the "Big Temple," the complex Brihadeeswara dedicated to Shiva. On day three we woke up early to visit its immense courtyard before the crowds had assembled. The mandir is a beautiful, golden example of Chola architecture dating back some 1,000 years. It has that dramatic pyramidic shape characteristic of Tamilian temples but without the splash of ... View Essay »

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GallerySouth India Road Trip - Karaikal to Thanjavur

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GallerySouth India Road Trip - Auroville to Karaikal

Matt looking at maps

The official start of our road trip we consider the morning of October 13, when we woke up in Auroville, got on the bike by 9am and really "hit the road." We were in sweltering traffic for an hour, then traveled along the breezy East Coast Road to the small city of Kairakal. The road meandered through small temple towns and villages built primarily of thatching. We followed the endless grids of rice paddies, few of them cultivating. But here and there would be a square patch of vibrant green in a expanse of overturned dirt. We met the people and conversed in the language of smiles and waves. Mostly, we felt foreign, like black Martians being propelled through these lands of rice and palm. Take a look. View Gallery »

Our sturdy shelter from the rain for half an hour. Soon to come were six Indians who also had the right idea. We huddled together and exchanged grunts of: "Rameshwaram?" "Rameshwaram!"


At the most southeasterly corner of India, on the beach of Kodiakkarai (Cape Calimere).

Coconut man

Agnes and Matt getting their feet wet (almost) in the Bay of Bengal after having a much needed lunch at Buddha Café. Traffic out of Chennai. Phew.

Dizzee World, between Pondicherry and Chennai

Awesome lunch at Auroville's Right Path Café en route from Pondicherry back to Chennai with our new bike!