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GalleryThe Great Road Trip of China is about to commen...

Oh, hello there. It's been quite a while, I know. We've been in China this whole time, I swear. There have been five weeks of Chinese language classes and three weeks of a whole-hell-of-a-lot-of errands in between us. Now, Chinese drivers' licenses in hand, car purchased, Chinese car insurance decoded, food, camping and survival items bought off of Taobao (in Chinese!) and stuffed into the car, and our brains fully saturated in survival Mandarin, we're doing the final route planning for The Great Road Trip of China. View Gallery »

GallerySouth India Road Trip - Karaikal to Thanjavur

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We just finished an incredible tour of the Valle Sagrado and returned to Cusco this evening. We'll be picking up our computers in the next few days so we can actually show you some photos. But here's a lil somethin somethin to keep you going.

We've been hiking every day for almost two weeks straight (some cars were had in between for the feo parts).

Here's the enigmatic Moray, "greenhouse of the Incas." It's quite impressive and actually quite simply understood once you get up close. More on this soon…

We'll be heading to Ecuador in a couple of weeks to stay in the Yasuni Research Center. Amazon jungle, here we come!

Stay tuned…

Dibujos de la charla

When you only have a rough grasp of the language illustrations are definitely the way to go. (We copied these from a Spanish version of one of Jeavons' books.)

Charla 3: Agricultura

Yesterday we had our third and final charla. Most of the women here have a garden or a small farm (chakra) and most use pretty basic, conventional ag methods to grow corn and fava and soy. Some raise chickens, some use guano from their cuy or cows, etc, but mostly it's tractors and bulls simultaneously ripping through and compacting the soil, commercial pesticides, fertilizers, dug irrigation, and monocultures.

So we focused on sustainable agriculture and again used Jeavons' GROW BIOINTENSIVE. Matt double dug a few rows, I drew a couple illustrations to show how to make compost, how to plant intensively (close together and hexagonally instead of in rows), and how roots really want to travel down more than 6" intro the ground. During the charla Matt demonstrated double digging and ... View Post »


Another day at Q'ewar…

6am - Meditate

6:30am - Shower in a bathroom stall

7am - Cook breakfast of cereal de arroz integral y manzanas for us and Los dueños

7:30am - Eat breakfast

8am - Translate email about holistic medicine

9am - Take photos of 25 3-5 year-olds

10am - Kill, pluck, gut, rinse and refrigerate una gallina para caldo de pollo mañana para mostrar y compartir con las mujeres

11am - Take photos of Jesusa, Paulina y Eulogia en la tienda en la plaza en el pueblo

12pm - Coordinate with other women on the schedule for their photos and tell them to bring in Tupperware tomorrow to share the caldo

1pm - Eat lunch of sopa de chuño y mote and try to explain things like "White Lightning" in Spanish

2pm - Grab tools, water, etc and get ... View Post »