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At the most southeasterly corner of India, on the beach of Kodiakkarai (Cape Calimere).

Chennai at the beach

Chick ken Paradise

We love Marina Beach in Chennai. It's a sprawling, uniformly flat patch of sand. Few people swim on beaches in India (except, maybe, in Goa), but plenty come out to take advantage of this mostly clean public area. At twilight yesterday, the coast was a wash of orangey yellow. We cruised slowly along with the other motorcyclists and passing buses, taking it all in.

In the nicer areas, little cart vendors stud the sand alongside the road, selling things like chaat and Chinese food and "American corn." Each section also usually includes a bunch of rather homemade kids rides and games, ranging from small carousels to merry-go-rounds to balloon popping. Large groups of teenage boys hang out in circles Indian-style or lounge on colored plastic chairs, smoking joints and calling out "Hello!" ... View Post »


Diabetes or heroin? You decide.

GalleryLife on an island

Beach-front homes.

Turtle Island. Koh Tao. 

After many trips to the clinic, it's finally been determined I had bruising in my left inner ear (healed now) and am still recovering from a tiny, tiny rupture (no infection) in my right one. I also have sinusitis and fluid in both inner ears. Yes, we've figured out the what, but we're flummoxed as to how the f*ck I managed all this without feeling any pain or having a cold. I have been banned from dunking my head underwater for two weeks. I'm on day ten. Bummer, bummer, bummer.  View Gallery »


Well this photo just about says it all. We're spending the next 4-5 days at the Freedom Beach Resort on the Southern end of Koh Tao. Though as Americans we cringe whenever "freedom" is used to advertise something, actually this place is nice, has internet, a beautiful view of two quiet beaches, and is cheap ($13/night). We are going to have a rest here and start thinking about projects and what we've been doing since we left the States in March. Enjoy the view from our office…




On hazy, Thursday afternoon on Copacabana:

Him: Are those seagulls or bitches?

Me: They don't have seagulls here; only bitches. 



We're in Rio de Janeiro. January River. At the base of the Dois Irmãos surrounded by two favelas (now termed "comunidades"). It feels like Peter Pan city.

Mom just left yesterday, so we feel empty without her. It was surreal to have my Mama here with us. We rolled around in the high tide shallows on a beach in Salvador just as the sun was setting — literally, the current was damn strong! We talked about turtle sex with a turtle handler at a rescue farm in our broken Portuñol (Portuguese + Español, sort of like Spanglish). We ate lots and lots of fruit, fish and beef. We drove through maddening Salvador traffic and were bemused by the rundown tourist trap that is the Pelo. Then we jetted to Rio and spent more time eating fruit, fish and beef and walking from one end of the beach to the ... View Post »


Hello Miami. Thanks for a sunny, brief reminder of America's love for pastel hotels, overpriced margaritas, and nut brown muscle men in g strings.