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GalleryUm barco de cruzeiro para baixo Rio Amazonas

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EssayUm barco de cruzeiro para baixo Rio Amazonas

At first, you appreciate the sky, the movement the water makes as the boat parts through it; the canopy on each coast. You enjoy watching the ebb and flow as the colors of the rio change and the the Amazon widens and closes in. It's wondrous.

You meet a Spaniard named Guillermo and a Frenchman named Sebastien while you're all attempting to tie the correct knot to string up your hammocks. You ... View Essay »

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Matt juicing up for our second bus ride. We're on the top this time but we have a huge window out front and to the side of us. We hear the view is nice and we're hoping so, because it's 26 long hours to Guayaquil. We hit the Ecuador border midday tomorrow and we hear immigration walks the aisles stamping your passport. If it's that easy it'll be the first time since we've hit SA!