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Shrimp and scallop stew with turmeric sticky rice

Right now meals are a trial. Regardless of the weather around us, we eat soups and stews and broth. Our freezer is chock full of yoghurt containers filled with different stocks labeled with the date and their contents. Three meals a day we assemble our soup, seasoned simply with salt, pepper, ginger, turmeric, cumin and/or herbs; we ladle our soup around a little iceberg of sticky rice and top it with a few chunks of some cousin of a squash.

Yet it's a diet of sorts, an invalid one, but still a diet. It's nutritive and filling and always warm. I know the ins and outs, and the repetition and possible variation. My tummy knows what to expect and plans accordingly. On most days, I enjoy. When you're sick, you don't think about food the same way; you don't read up on magazines or look ... View Post »

GalleryLamb Shanks - Seriously good bits

It might just be time to post some recipes around here, don't you think? I mean, we do like to cook, and food and travel get along rather nicely. View Gallery »

I can't tell you how awesome that was. 

Homemade butter!

Beef stew

A labor of love: cutting an unripe mango into thousands of little bits that Mohana will make into a sour pickle.

Daily ritual: chopping veggies.

I've been thinking about cutting - and cutting - a lot lately with my grandmother, Patti. Every morning I rise at six, do my meditation, some yoga, and drink my coffee. Then I set up two pillows as a seat to get myself to "cutting" level at the table. Out come the cutting boards, kitchen knives - for Patti, a well-worn one - and for myself, a small, disposable purple ceramic blade. She assembles the proper stainless bowls, all miraculously fitting the ingredient perfectly once it's cut and placed inside. Then she peels squash, removes the strings on peas, chops the ends of okra, and takes the skin off potatoes. She instructs me on how to cut - this way for rasam, that way for dal; this way for subji, that way for topping upma. Everything has a cut. 

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Utterly butterly delicious

GalleryA bout of lag

Mohana making <em>adai</em>

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EssayA bout of lag

Matt working on the TM redesign

When we arrive at our destination and meet with people, the question is always asked "What do you want to do?" Immediately, my type A kicks in and I ramble off all the categories of things we want to accomplish, beginning with language, culture, humanitarian efforts, etc. But after a moment I feel sheepish, as though I am justifying my endeavor with a busy-bee list of things. How do you explain ... View Essay »

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