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GallerySouth India Road Trip - Karaikal to Thanjavur

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Check out our new trusty steed!

We finally found a bike! We'll be taking our new 80cc Scooty Pep+, aka "The Beast," through highways, mountain roads, across farmland, over potholes, riverbanks, and across beaches. Matt says of his new Scooty Pep+, "I finally feel like a real man." Don't look at me; he picked purple. For a closeup of her signature. View Post »

GalleryA week in Spain

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GalleryHimachal Pradesh - a mountainous journey commences

Our view of the Kinnaur Kailash range

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EssayHimachal Pradesh - a mountainous journey commences

Mountains are elusive features of nature - breathtakingly beautiful yet unknowable, massive and brutal. So it'll come as no surprise that describing a drive on a tiny strip of road meandering and switchbacking through parts of the largest mountain range in the world - the Himalaya Range - is hard to put into words. From every vantage these megaliths change their appearance; with every passing ... View Essay »

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EssayEn route to Nagpur

While cabs come in all shapes in sizes in India, privately rented vehicles seem to come in two varieties: those where the driver uses A/C and those where he does not. Our trip last Friday from Nagpur to visit the Brahmasthan (meaning center, near Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh) was of the latter type. We like the freedom of open windows. In the Indian countryside, though, there are a few setbacks to fresh-aired freedom. In addition to the burning sensation that travels from your nose to eyes to throat coming from the pervasive diesel exhaust, the dust is incredible. Our driver had smartly decorated his seats with cream-colored faux leather covers, successfully hiding the permanently caked layers of fine dust while also preventing us from ever being able to use our seat belts!

It's remarkable just how much dust can exist while still providing sufficient moisture for life to survive. Here in Madhya Pradesh, it only rains a few months out of the year. Trees look scrappy and thirsty, their leaves shiny and hard like stiff paper. View Essay »

An unexpected ending...

Mouse: 2; Humans: 1. Chester didn't make it back to Connecticut because he was too interested in jumping out of the little plastic mouse house we made for him - twice. And we caught him - once. We managed to keep him in a little house with some grass, bark and a jelly jar cap filled with water for two days. We couldn't figure out what he'd want to eat so we gave seeds, nuts, cheese, and crackers all a try; he's a pretty picky eater for a mouse. But damn can he run. The second time he ran all the way across the kitchen and finally got under the radiator. So we figure good for Chester, bad for his family back at home in Connecticut. We hope he finds some food, and not under a mouse trap. And we wish he would have considered, for a second, that we were not trying to fatten him up to kill him ... View Post »


This is a story of a frightened field mouse who hitched a ride in a car from CT to NYC. Yes - surprise! We are in the US until October 10th.

We flew into NYC to drop off our passports at the Chinese embassy. Of course this was not as easy as it sounds, even though we'd already printed out copies of our passports, gotten hideous photos taken and filled out the visa application. Upon arrival at the ugly cement building on 42nd and the west side highway we were informed that the process has been changed as of July 19th, 2011 - you can no longer fill in your application with a pen; you have to fill it out on a computer and print it out. So we scrounged for a Kinkos and, finding none, were informed by some cops on the beat that we could surf the web and print at the nearest Burger King. ... View Post »

Almost in Memphis to visit Matt's best friend William. We changed direction instead of going through New Orleans, so we get more time with him. We'll be heading to Wild Bill's this evening for some raucous fun and real Memphis blues on their miniscule dance floor. 


Mogollon, NM - a ghost town in the middle of the Gila wilderness with people living in it? Pffffft.