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GalleryBig Sur

For the longest time, I thought of Big Sur as a state a mind, a breathtaking, transformative place where you wind up—maybe half-naked and giggling—when you're exploring the edges of consciousness. I was sure it was a brazen, in-between state made expressly for Americans. It didn't occur to me that a phyiscal place had existed before things like Esalen, that usually nature comes first. View Gallery »

Don't be upset if we call you with no advance notice, tell you we'll be in your city in one hour, and ask -- would you like to meet up? We're travelers; rest assured, you learned of our plans as soon as we did.
— Observing how we always say "Sorry for the late notice, but..." in emails, texts and calls
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Spending the morning with Nati at her guest house, Verité, in Auroville. We stuck our feet in the fish pool out back and they nibbled at our toes. Not for the ticklish!


On a much needed day off, a small group of us from class gathered in the rain to wait for a bus. We headed an hour south of Chennai to visit the monuments in the seaside town of Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram). The journey, for Matt and I, was mostly about the journey. While there's much to say about these famous local ruins, we relished the fresh air and the view from the lighthouse of waves lapping the coast of India. We enjoyed the company of fellow classmates, of new discoveries.

When we arrived, the town was pretty sleepy for a Saturday. Our band of eight stuck out like a group of foreigners on a visit to some local ruins in various interpretations of Indian dress. The town has a surprising number of granite carving workshops, legit cobblers and other types of artisans.

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Up in the downs

Oh, I remember these downs, this hillside and downside that goes on for ages and never seems to get old. On the day we walked it had threatened to rain but decided to stay cloudy instead. The sun was passing through like a beacon of light, searching for us. But it didn't catch us. We stole into town and got beers instead. 


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A New York Birthday

My oldest and dearest friend in the world, Dan, had his birthday on January 16th, so naturally we took the ghetto Connecticut bus down to NY.

GalleryHong Kong Part 1

Our first week in the East was a blur of friends, food and foreign sounds and smells. We came to Hong Kong, in Matt's words, for 21 meals. And we were amongst friends for every one of them. Thanks again Keiyu, Joyce, Henry and Michelle.

It was a whirlwind of new tastes for me. There was succulent Beijing roast duck, (cha siu bao) sweet pork buns, and spicy chicken feet. There was also bits of pork wrapped in feathery light rice dumpling wrappers still stewing in a light broth. We tried hot pot filled with thin, marbled slices of beef, tender fish balls scraped fresh from a paddle, and fried fish skins that tasted like papadum. We had our fair share of sweet local crabs and an oversized crayfish covered in sauteed garlic (whose name in Cantonese means pissing cockroach). View Gallery »


We're hanging out with the most adorable little girl - Fiona Peltonen. These indoor kid playgrounds are the jam.


Hello world. We are in Cusco. It's cold but we have these awesome sweaters (thanks Julio!).