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Woman's bathroom face

Man's bathroom face

When you wipe your bum, put it in the bin! (at the Afsani Guest House)

Don't throw those away. They are very auspicious.

— Dad, in response to us wanting to toss a fried food offering we weren't going to eat
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Them: It's on a charge basis.

Me: What does that mean?

Them: It means we're going to charge you.

— Hotel staff at the Renaissance in Mumbai when I called to see if they had playing cards
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Welcome to this website from the future! We found this gem while looking for a hotel in Delhi. It should be visited to be properly appreciated (it's animated): http://anupamhoteliersltd.com

Matt has been told about a dozen times so far that he looks like Rahul Gandhi. Do you see a resemblance?

When traveling in Mumbai, you need to allot extra time for confusion. 

— Matt, when considering what time to leave to visit our yoga teacher, Devang.
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Today's below-the-fold front page article about women preferring cleanly shaven men. [The Times of India]

Dear Matthew,

hank [sic] you for contacting iTunes Store Support. My name is Math and your issue was forwarded to my desk. I'm sorry to learn that this item did not meet the standard of quality you have come to expect from the iTunes Store. I have submitted this item for investigation. Apple takes the quality of the items offered on the iTunes Store seriously and will investigate the issue with this item, but I can't say when or if the issue will be resolved. Please try again in a few weeks.

I have reversed the charge for "Hugo". You will see a store credit of $5.04 in five to seven business days. You may need to sign out of the iTunes Store and then sign back in before you see the credit in your account.

I certainly understand how recent difficulties might have been frustrating for you. If I were in your situation, I would definitely feel the same way.

Please do not hesitate to send us your questions and clarifications with regard to your current issue or for any queries that may arise in the future. Rest assured, I will personally make a move in order to better assist you on this.

I am looking forward to your response as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing iTunes Store. Have a nice day!


iTunes Store Customer Support

— We have a feeling this guy is living down the street from us here. His name was "Matt" in the previous email, but once he realized that he was in competition with the customer, he changed his name to something else we could pronounce, "Math."
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