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Daily ritual: Coconut water. We try and drink coconut water once a day, to stave off the heat exhaustion. After our morning walk in the park, we visit our favorite coconut vendor - he always gives us sweet ones. He lops off the top and carefully whittles it down with an exceptionally sharp knife (for Indian standards, anyways), until it's tender enough to be pierced through with a common kitchen knife. We go home, cut some crude triangles, and glug, glug out comes that wonderful sweet water. Here are our little empties. What, you thought coconut water came in plastic juice box container? Hah, that's cute.

I love how in any environment, if you look to the foods that grow there, you will generally find something that is good for surviving there. Coconuts are a perfect example. Not only ... View Post »


Best food phrase to know in Thailand. I am "allergic to MSG."


All geared up for a long day of flying.

StoryHow clean is clean?

Again and again, we have been reminded of the necessity of washing your hands and obtaining food that has been thoroughly washed. But what are the metrics? We'd be really interested to know the answer to these questions…

Hand washing…
What germs generally can be found on your hands?

For how many minutes and how vigorously do you have to wash your hands to get off everyday germs? Is hand on hand action sufficient?

What kind of germs cannot be removed/killed this way?

Does water temp affect washing? If so, how hot does it need to be? Or is very cold water just as effective?

How much soap do you need to use?

Do bubbles play any role?

What is the mechanism of action in traditional bar soap vs liquid hand soap vs liquid antibacterial soap vs Purell?

Is ... View Story »

We are immune to hep A. Huzzah. We're also each one shot down and $240 away from being immune to hep B. Turns out there's an accelerated program for the hep B shots. Instead of getting the three shots at 0 mo, 1 mo and 6 mo, you can get them at 0 days, 7 days and 14 days. Incredible! Of course we discussed getting shot up on the cheap in Lima or some more remote place, but the idea of potentially contracting hep B in the process of attempting to gain immunity to it is my current numero uno trip nightmare. A little bit paranoid? Hells yes.


The last time we were vaccinated for Typhoid was in 2008, and Matt took it in the shot form, which only lasts 2 years. So this time around he's taking the pills, which last for 5 years. Want a little Typhoid with your oatmeal?


Here's how western med deals with allergies. The top row is the control with left being positive (i.e the place I was pricked with straight histamine) and right negative. The other 7 jabs are milk protein, milk powder, egg, wheat, corn, soy and peanut.

Wish I could take a kit home and practice on other people.