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GalleryBig Sur

For the longest time, I thought of Big Sur as a state a mind, a breathtaking, transformative place where you wind up—maybe half-naked and giggling—when you're exploring the edges of consciousness. I was sure it was a brazen, in-between state made expressly for Americans. It didn't occur to me that a phyiscal place had existed before things like Esalen, that usually nature comes first. View Gallery »

GalleryFarewell, summer

Yesterday we interrupted our regularly scheduled programming to spend the last day of summer with Mama Bear. We headed to two of our favorite places on Cape Cod: the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and Marconi Beach. In addition to these excursions in the great outdoors, there were equal doses of steamers with drawn butter and antiques. View Gallery »

GalleryLewes to Seaford and everything in between

Saturday morning, while I was sleuthing around online, I came across a walk: "Lewes - Glynde - Firle - Alfriston - Seaford." Looking at the title, I couldn't tell if the author's dashes were meant to link the towns together in a natural progression, or to indicate a series of individual walks that, once joined, made an epic journey 14.9 miles long. View Gallery »

GalleryA new routine

There are so many ways to live, so many habits to adopt or relinquish, we've found we never approach two places in the same way. One of the unexpected skills we've mastered while traveling is this ability to quickly form a new routine and find ways of exploring things we love in an unfamiliar place. View Gallery »

GalleryA walk to Worthing (almost)

There's an easiness to Brighton and its surroundings in East Sussex. The land does end somewhat abruptly in these dramatic, chalky white cliffs that plunge down into the choppy English Channel. Standing at the edge can feel like looking at an exposed corner that someone forgot to sand and paint. But if you move away from that rugged edge you're greeted with lush hills that were surely carved out of happy, gentle thoughts about what hills should be.  View Gallery »

Up in the downs

Oh, I remember these downs, this hillside and downside that goes on for ages and never seems to get old. On the day we walked it had threatened to rain but decided to stay cloudy instead. The sun was passing through like a beacon of light, searching for us. But it didn't catch us. We stole into town and got beers instead. 


View Gallery »

GalleryNew Years in Jackson, WY

We spent the close of 2011 out in Jackson Hole. Since we were there in 2010 we've been hoping to return and see some of its wintry wonder. Our first foray in Jackson was brief, with a bison burger at the Cowboy and a night camping under the Tetons. We inappropriately fitted it all to the tune of Johnny Cash's Jackson. Yes, yes, we know. This New Years my parents and Aus braved the cold with us - what?!, no beach in winter?! - and we continued on with the Jackson tune. Feel free to hum along as you read. View Gallery »


The snow storm on October 24th devastated Simsbury. My mom had around 100 trees down on the path around the property, including a couple of treacherous Old Maids (cracked but still attached branches that hang vertically). So we've been walking around the property as much as we can, pruning and clearing and macheting and chainsawing. 

We can't really fathom how a bunch of heavy snow can take down all these trees and limbs, but we've seen the results firsthand. It feels good to be out in the woods, breathing in the leave dust and feeling the chilly November air of New England. We can't complain. It is good to be home. 

GalleryHong Kong Part 2 - A little blue and green

Penfold Park

When we weren't eating or wandering the streets of Hong Kong to check out tech gear in Mongkok, we visited a few of the city's quieter spaces, some of them green and some of them filled with real mom and pop shops. Hong Kong has a street dedicated to just about anything. While these spaces may not be well-dispersed in this bustling city of skyscrapers, many of them seem well-loved by locals. Take a look. View Gallery »