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There is very organized, expert packing going on in this photo, we swear.

This is what happens when you really want to bring that extra shirt but you just don't have the space in your single, 44 liter backpack. You realize - Hey! I don't need a whole washcloth. I only need a little square. (Yes, we burned the edges. And yes, most backpackers would not consider a washcloth vital. But I happen to find in a country like India you need a scrubby little corner of textile).


Say hello to our little friends. We ditched our hiking backpacks for some rolling duffels. These badboys store 90L (instead of 70L in our backpacks), they roll, AND they have backpack straps in case we need to carry them (briefly) at some point. We don't expect there to be nice flat tarmac everywhere we go. They are also MUCH easier to pack and unpack, which is the main reason we got them. Fully packed they weigh 45lbs each, keeping us safely under most checked luggage limits. Besides these we only have one carry on each. We never thought we'd spend so much time thinking about and dealing with luggage!

Each time we get ready to leave a place, our first packing ritual involves meticulously rolling or folding up our clothing. I always think of this scene from Mystery Train as I'm putting my bag together. Enjoy the clip.

Sorry we've been MIA this week. We were trying to cram as many Spanish lessons as we could possibly hold in our brains as well as spending as much time getting to know Lima. Our month in Lima came to a close so fast. We're heading out this evening on a bus - yes, a BUS - for 14 hours to Arequipa then another 10 hours to Cusco.

By Wednesday, we'll be in a tiny little town in the mountains one hours east of Cusco where we'll stay for the next month helping a project for a local NGO. It's call the Q'ewar Project. Check it out. More to come!


This morning Anjuli noticed an odd sensation while running her finger across my arm. It felt a little buzzy, almost like when you pull a finger across a wet glass to see if it's squeaky clean; not usually what you'd expect when there is no water and no glass. I could feel it too. It was almost like that electric tingly feeling I've noticed on my MacBook Pro's (completely aluminum) hand rests by the keyboard. Thinking it was more than a coincidence, we looked it up, and sure enough it appears to be a grounding problem. It doesn't happen unless the laptop is plugged into a groundless wall plug, like it has been since we arrived in Peru. I haven't seen a grounded outlet yet.

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To go, to stay, to plan, to play

We're almost ready to go. And by ready, I mean we acknowledge the inevitability of that 6:15am flight - it hasn't been cancelled yet - and we are moving towards it. We're whittling down our checklist, task by task; labeling and stowing boxes under beds and in closets, fruit rollup-ing all our shirts and pants and laboring over the use of each book. My thoughts are at war: the sea of tasks still left and the sadness of leaving home are wrestling with the adventure to come. 

All the copying and faxing and scanning and storing, moving intangible bits of data from this pink plastic box to that blue one seems never-ending. And yet it's a cathartic process. If we could just be in Peru - BANG! - we would probably pass out from the disorientation. Some of life's big changes need little steps ... View Post »


Hard drive madness! Music/movies on one, photos on another, backups on a third. 3 terabytes!

"Well, there's 5 gigs of Philip Glass, but everything else is under either A or B."

— When looking through music
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We aren't sure how readily accessible el Internet will be during our travels (or electricity for that matter), so we're taking various precautions in case we can't stay online. One of those precautions (thanks Brian), is to save and use an offline copy of Wikipedia.

Yes, it is actually possible to have your own personal copy of ALL HUMAN KNOWLEDGE, and as long as you don't need images or previous versions of articles (who reads those anyway), it can fit on a single DVD (about 6GB). So if you have a Mac or Linux/Unix and are familiar with the basics of compiling software, you can implement an offline reader written by some generous developers using free open source software. The offline reader works by indexing all the Wikipedia content so you can search against it and view it on your ... View Post »

StoryExit and entry

In this age of travel as tourists visiting South America we need to look "sharp" departing the US, rich when we arrive at our destination and dirty and poor as all hell once we've finally checked into our hotel and find ourselves (gasp) walking around on the street

We need to look like we have a purpose checking in so the ticket agent in Hartford won't ask us for proof of "onward travel"; we need to look like we have a wallet full of $100 bills so the immigration officials in Lima won't ask us for proof of "sufficient funds." Then by the time we've collected our luggage it better be dirty and stained and fraying at the edges so we won't get robbed for being fancy foreigners - but not before we exit through customs!

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