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Gallery"The Beatles Ashram"

Inside a meditation hut

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Essay"The Beatles Ashram"

This afternoon we took a trip across the Ganges to visit the remains of Maharishi's ashram in Rishikesh. The locals call it the "The Beatles Ashram" of course, and most stare blankly at mention of Maharishi. On our walk there, we happened upon a friendly enough sadhu who showed us the entrance and took us on a colorful - and it seemed knowledgeable - tour of the place. 

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EssayDelhi and Rishikesh in Pictures

Part 1: Finding a yoga class in Rishikesh. Head down one of these.

We're still reeling from our three day tour of Delhi and the last few days in Rishikesh. While we take a little time out to plant our feet firmly on the ground, here's a visual look at our tour...

It's a cement jungle out there

We'd like to think it feels like Rudyard Kipling's jungle here. Really, it's more of a cement jungle and blazing hot. The sun radiates from above and below and it's commonly 95F-100F and 90% humidity. Still, many, bravely rock their skin-tight jeans all day.

We spent a few hours in a mall yesterday. I'll say it again: a mall. We hadn't realized our inner nostalgia for western consumerism was so strong until we found ourselves there like giddy high schoolers. Granted, by the third department store - where we realized the only way to tell that we weren't still in the states was by the bubble butt jean mannequins - we had basically had enough.

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