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GalleryKemp Town Carnival

We've been lax so far in looking up weekend events because, for once, we happen to live near friends. It sounds so wonderful I'll say it again. We have friends in Brighton. Every once in a while we get a call or text from Char, similar to the following: "Naked bike ride today midday at The Level." At that moment we consider ourselves well-informed. View Gallery »

GalleryHong Kong streets

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We celebrated a teeny weeny bit of Holi today, along with the kids in the building. From what we can gather, many of the Hindu holidays have come to mean different things for different regions, different towns, different people. With so many gods and such a rich history, customs are appropriated over time and evolve. But while traditions may change, this also seems to mean people continue to celebrate holidays with vigor - because they remain relevant. View Gallery »

Awesome three wheeler mini truck. These are everywhere and are just big enough to fit the driver and his buddy.

Sad violin…

GalleryFood, folks and fun

A Rajasthani Sturbridge Village filled with camel cart rides (to rock your spine), Rajasthani hand-spun pottery (pssst, don't mind the motor), tightrope walking, doll and bangle shops, Rajasthani dance and a fire breather, puppet theater, Indian-style carnival attractions (apparently the world over this involves shooting things) and even a palm reader (who, not surprisingly, gathered the longest lines). After our tour, we went inside for some Rajasthani fare - thick curries, kichiri, chole, thick roti, and halva that the waiter even fed to each guest.

Here's a look at some of the highlights of week two in Mumbai. I'm lovin' it. View Gallery »


A new neighborhood, an old feel

The effect in the photos below reminds me strongly of photos my mom took on her first trip to India in 1979, six months after my parents were married. Most of them depict my cousins and Mohana, food, painted trucks, street scenes, water buffalos, and travels she and my dad took by train from Delhi to Agra to visit the Taj Majal. You know, things that would fancy a 32 year-old, blond Philadelphian newlywed traveling to a completely foreign place to visit her brand new in-laws. On that trip my mom famously - for the benefit of my dad, her future offspring, and anyone who has eaten at our house in the last 30 years - sat on the floor in Mohana's kitchen and wrote down all the recipes that were whizzing by. This was mostly done based on hand gestures, sight and smell. 

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A sinus-clearing Tom Yum with Squid. Yum.


Tom Yum Kai - chicken stock, breast, lemongrass, a bit of fresh ginger, chili, some sort of scallions, a bit of rice and something to give the broth a little sourness. We don't speak enough Thai yet (read: any), so this list was just based on taste. This was my favorite soup yet.

We're beginning to notice the pattern with Thai - chilis, fresh herbs, slices of ginger, some form of coconut and fish sauce. But the quantities and qualities make for a wide variety of flavors.