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GalleryA few things we could get used to

Golden light and the feeling of basking in it

The shuffling sound through leaves and the stomping nosies boots make on pavement

A belly full of warm food

Long, long, long shadows

The feeling of bare feet on carpet

Things that look pretty when dried

Fresh bread and the people who bake it

All those things that go translucent when the sun shines through them

The cold air; cold enough to have weight and body but not enough to make you numb

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Every day we cart things up the hill.

StoryDay 4: A question of ethics

How much of what we're doing in clearing the land is necessary? We're in an interesting situation because we're living on a private homestead. Our campsite is a rectangle of compacted land at the end of a 1/4 mile logging road. At the request of the owners to make the land clear of brush for fire safety and also to make it more humanly inhabitable once we leave, we've been clearing small trees which we've used as bedding, small manzanita bushes which have been fed to the goats, lots of grass and old leaves which we've dispersed throughout the forest. We've also leveled a couple of anthills, pulled out a good many stumps, and killed our fair share of scorpions. But the question remains, how much of this is necessary? Our hosts are homesteaders, not naturalists. And so we come to our own ... View Story »


Yes that is the mother scorpion with all her babies and the papa was nearby. We had to eradicate them. It felt very District 9.


Fun with shadows in the forest in East Bay.

WWOOFing through Cali

We have officially proclaimed ourselves WWOOFer to all of California. We've been trying to find a place in the woods to live in for a few months now, and both our work schedules and also the restrictions of living on forest/park land has made it a somewhat ridiculous process. What we think we want is simple:

A wooded/forest area with relatively moist air/soil that has some undergrowth where we can park our enormous 150 lb tent at the edge of a meadow. The forest would have some deciduous and have some pine and be of relatively moderate elevation (2k-3k). There'd be a stream or bubbling brook or small lake or some such thing nearby where we could wash our face, collect water and fish without getting some gnarly bugs in our intestines. There'd be bears and snakes and mountain lions for ... View Post »


Licorice fern. Rip out the little tuber and take a bite.