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As I've mentioned before, one of the most powerful things meditation has given me is distance from my emotions. It allows me to step back and look at them. I find them curious, sometimes. Sometimes, like with anger, I notice how powerful they can be. At other times I notice what a lunatic I must look like! (I'm a far way off from not passing judgement on myself.) It doesn't mean I don't get angry or sad or frustrated or overwhelmingly happy as often, it just means I can step away a bit from these feelings, know they're happening and observe them. It's also a way of observing how clear my actions are, based on whether or not my judgement has been clouded by anger, fear, desire, etc. Meditation also clears out all the excess baggage and stress, without which I would certainly be depleting my ... View Essay »

A daily practice

We're one week deep into our month long yoga course - The Heart of Yoga - at the Krishnamacarya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai. Our weekdays are filled with a blissful routine. We crawl to a seated position at 5:30am. We meditate, stretch and then pad, Ok, Matt pads over the cool tile into the kitchen to boil water for coffee. He carries back with him a bowl of muesli and whole raw milk and sets it on the bed. We eat quietly and sip coffee. We shower. Around this time I usually put the pressure on to leave, and there's a bit of a dash to dress in the lightest thing possible that's semi-dried off the line and head out the door.

We each don a single ear bud to combat the piercing horns and make our way to class. It's a few minutes down our quiet neighborhood street, then a right onto the ... View Post »

Daily ritual: yoga.

We have resumed our daily yoga practice, and WOW, does it feel good. Like meditation, while we may follow roughly the same yoga practice each time, the feeling and effects are totally different. Yoga feels like the quiet stretch for the body as meditation does for the mind, bringing you back to a center of clarity and calm. 

In the morning while I'm cutting veggies, Matt starts his practice. I usually come into our room - and totally disrupt Matt's flow, sorry! - halfway through his practice. The moment I go in I'm bombarded with a chamber of warm air, at least 5 degrees hotter than the kitchen from all the generated heat. And it's already reaching high 70s-low 80s in the morning here, and upwards of 102F during the day. It occurred to us that Bikram ... View Post »



Hamstring stretches are very humbling. Every morning you wake up and there they are, seemingly unstretchable.


Post yoga workout chocolate milk bliss.