The Great Road Trip of China comes to a close

It's been an incredible journey. Other than listing out superlatives -- the highest altitude we've visited, the longest drive, the most diverse travel in terms of language, weather, people and geography, the longest stint of consuming noodles, the most interest strangers have ever taken in us -- we're still trying to organize all our thoughts and visuals to bring the experience more into focus for you. We have so much to tell you. Just bare with us while we sort and pack all our stuff, sell our car and all other acquired gear, drink a few beers, pay our traffic fines, cancel our insurance, visit with friends, and buy plane tickets... 

In the meantime you can enjoy this happy bunch. We greatly sympathize with how they melted into smiles within just a few photos. We also had our moments of blank stares, scowls, or incredulity, but we'd like to think those moments were frequently followed by gut-busting laughter.  

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  • What a great photo set to end such a magnificent trip. Good luck on your return!! - Mike
  • These pictures are priceless!

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