This was a marvellous evening. I gave my parents actual hugs. We had good conversation in English. We ate multiple vegetable items that were delicious, homemade, and uncooked. We drank an American beer. We rode as passengers in a car on a road where there were white and yellow lines and people used them! I didn't consider death once. In this ingenious vehicle, I was even able to take a nap while we were still in motion.

This evening we took a shower with water that no one would dispute as being hot; there was even steam. As I was brushing up, I remembered just in time that I could put my toothbrush under the tap to rinse it.

It's good to be home. We'll be in the US until the beginning of January. We'd love it if you'd say hello. 

Place: West Simsbury Tags: travel, home


  • Good the hear that you guys back @ home safe. Pleasure meeting you both.
  • Awesome!! glad you guys are safe and sound. When can we chat / Skype ? :)

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