Vivimos en Lima

We placed a down payment on our apartment yesterday. It's not ours yet - we don't move in until Saturday - but we're hopeful the search is over! It's in a central part of Miraflores near a beautiful park and many small restaurants just waiting to be discovered down all these little side streets. It's about a 10 minute walk to where the air starts to smell salty and you can see the Pacific.

Our landlord is a Southern - we expect ex-military - gent named Ian (EYE-I-N, not EEE-I-N) who has been living in Lima for three years. Our apartment is part of a building of apart hotels - ours is one of the only actual apartments. It's a cute, sizable place whose decor is reminiscent of the 70s. And we have - count them - four, real gas burners. Gasp.

Most apartments here are geared towards short-term stays are, naturally, for tourists only. They're mostly maxed out four bedroom apartments in skyrises with saunas and pools and gyms and parking garages and huge entertainment centers. Most of what remains are small one or two bedroom places with "kitchenettes," a dreaded word for someone like me. In the states this means a small electric stove and one of those water cooler/fridges and maybe a sink that you could squeeze two cups into. In Peru, and many other countries, I'd imagine, a kitchenette means a microwave. Since many people eat out cheaply for their biggest meal, we've noticed kitchens aren't as commonplace.

Needless to stay, we're thrilled in our first month to have a burner or two and be able to cook more then chicharrones en microondar. Of course chicharrones en microondar are a marvelous microwavable popcorn bag of fried pork bits waiting to be puffed up and eaten which we will invariably need to try.

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